Training server down?

Is the training server down?? why controllers were not responding and I couldn’t see any other flights when I got into the airport :(


Two words:

Just kidding, but there could be an issue with your internet connectivity.

Happens to me on all servers before. It is just internet at most.

Same here! The exact same thing happened to me just now when I tried to do ATC!

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Same here. I am on training and can’t see @Flyin.Hawaiian who I’m trying to fly with

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Same happening now, everything is green arrows. dont see anybody else online though.

I agree. I have tested it at 3 different airports and it seems that it might be temporarily down. Hopefully staff can find a solution soon!


The training server is down currently, so we’ll have to wait till they fix it.

Thank you guys for your replies


I am having the same issue too. I tried reinstalling the app, clearing scenery cache and all sorts of wifi settings, nothing improving yet.

Hi there,

The training server is currently down. You’ll unfortunately have to wait until it is fixed.

Thank you for the patience :)

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How will we know when it is fixed?

There should be an announcement or at least a note letting you know it should be fixed.

Woke up not too many minutes ago and we are looking into it now!


It should be good now!

Sorry about the delay in this case. The timing couldn’t have been worse (most of us had just went to bed just as this happened).


To add to that, we’ve taken all the diagnostics that caused this issue and we’ll work on fixing the issue that caused this ASAP.

We should hopefully share more info soon about the progress we’re making in updating and optimising these multiplayer servers.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the disruption!


Thank you guys!! We really appreciate all of your hard work fr fr❤️


Hey just to ask why so frequently is the training server being in maintenance, isn’t 1 enough, I mean every 5 days we have been facing this issue.

This was an outage, not maintenance. We’re trying to reduce downtime but the servers need some continous updates as we make optimisations in the background. Appreciate your patience and understanding while we do this :)


Ok thanks.