Training Server Down for Maintenance

Hi Everyone,

As some of you have noticed, the training server has been acting up for the past couple of hours. We are taking it down for the next few hours so we can properly diagnose the issue.

Casual and Expert remain open of course.

We apologize for the disruption.


Thanks for your work!


Once you have diagnosed and fixed the problem can you let us know what it was? Can remember it went down a couple of weeks ago too

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No wonder. It started when I was on approach on a flight from EHAM to OEDF and kept acting up for the rest of the time I had my plane up (Generic A330-300 [closest plane to KLM A330-200 becauseā€¦realism]).
Thanks for reminding us.

Wow. Again?

Well anyways. Thanks for your hard work guys!

Training server is still down after 7hrs

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Not sure what happened. One of the side services this server is dependent on showed signs of trouble, we tried restarting multiple times but it kept failing.
We decided to eventually create an entirely new VM because that one had given us multiple random issues in the past.
Also added more logging so we can diagnose this in the future.

Again, please accept our apologies for the disruption and thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked through this.


Thank you for the hard effort restoring the server!!

We appreciate the effort you put to make sure we are happy!!

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Iā€™m so lucky I parked up beforeā€¦

My game crashed

Does this mean new servers?