Training server disconnected

Do t k ow if the Devs are aware but I am a grade 2 pilot and I’ve been ranking my hours while I wait for a violation to go away but when I do long hauls and short flights as well the training server will disconnect and not reconnect it’s not my Wi-Fi I’ve already checked it and fixed that issue it’s just the TS and it seems to happen towards the end or middle of flight and it’s really annoying thanks hope you can help

Device: IPhone 10 XR
Operating system: IOS 16.1.1

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This is a known issue and is currently being looked into. When this does occur, usually a reboot of the training server solves the issue.

I also recommend taking a read of @schyllberg’s reply on a previous topic:

Fingers crossed it can be solved soon!


How do I do this?
Without leaving or messing up my flight

You can’t do this. A staff member has to do this. Schyllberg has been tagged in my original reply, so if it is down currently they or another staff member will reboot it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.

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Yep no problem

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Thanks for the info really helps me out

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No worries at all. Glad I could help you out.

Have a great day!

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It’s 10:48 pm 😂😂

It’s fine on our end and was 6hrs ago too.
So this is not an issue with the server I’m afraid.

Have you tried Casual?

My friend and I are also currently experiencing the same issue at this current time, he is appearing on and off liveflight, and in game as well on training server. This has been happening for the past few weeks on training server.

And what issues are you having? Asking since you only mention your friend disappearing.

I’m having green ticks global server, live server and api. He sees me but I don’t see him he also seems to be lagging on LiveFlight as well. This status is also all full green.

The previous time this occured, I had seen other aircraft in the vicinity, but his aircraft was not there in game.

He is about 1 flight away from expert server, so I am just wondering if that would fix anything.

Then it’s your friend who’s having connectivity issues and not you :)

Your friend needs to troubleshoot etc.
He can PM me or drop us an email at

Very interesting issue as this only started happening mid flight always, I guess I will see if expert server would change anything or if it’s truly issues from his side.

Hi good afternoon/ morning etc and yes I have and that’s fine and expert seems to be fine according to my bff but it’s just the TS every time I go to fly I takeoff and by the time I get mid flight or on final the server disconnects and won’t reconnect and it’s very frustrating because if I wanted to fly alone I would be in solo

I think Expert has no issues

Friend just got access to expert server and so far no issues.

The devs have conducted a server update and it’s running smoothly now

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