Training server denied..

Hi and good very early morning ya’ll!
So I just resubscribed to IF for a new month and it wont let me on Training or Expert server because of something about to many violations in 12 months… Which i know are false… I know many people who are in same grade as me and is still flying live on expert and server and has had way more violations…

I am a grade 3… I deserve to to be on all 3 levels! And I was never notified nor i see anything about number of violations and suspention… Doesnt even say how long! Would love to have this taken care of so i can resume doing live flights and stream it live for people…
Thank you.
If this is not allowed on here please move it somewhere else just dont close it amd delete as i would have to do so much work on looking for The right category and retyping everything…

Also forgot to note that many of the violatations were by accident… And many of those i was unable to control in time… I am a good pilot who managed to get to a Grade 3…

If you know you have too many violations in the past 12 months, don’t play the innocent card. We all get violations, and they are learning steps to improve in the future. Your landing count must be a 1:1 ratio of your violation count for training server access.

As you said, in the last 12 months. Some people are playing IF for very long and gained these violations long time ago. Just try to get the needed landings and you will be fine.



Alright, so how do I get to fly live again? I have had 77 landings so far, and on Grade 3. I rarely use the expert level but i like it because I love to go by the realism and follow the rules but there was hardly any ATCS. For me… So I used training. I believe the # of violations is 1200? I think. So how long and hoe many flights will it take to get me to fly live on all servers?

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casual server is always for everyones use just get some landings and in no time you will be back on training
EDIT thats a pretty large violation count are you sure you have that number

Correction lol… Ok so i only have 171 violations! And 78 landings however when i went on server they said 75, they are missing 3 landings

Yes i was way off i rechecked lol it is 171

Well, according to the chert that @starley has provided, you need a 1:1 landing to violation ratio to enter the training server and a 2:1 landing to violation ratio to enter expert server. The math adds up to (assuming you don’t accumulate anymore violations):
1123 landings for training
2323 for expert

96 landings for training and 267 for expert


Then you just need to reach 171 landings that is if it is in the last 12 months and you don’t accumulate any violations you just need a 1:1 ratio for training
Expert 1:2 ratio


Soo i have to fly on casual for a long time until i hit what over 2000 landings?

Well, since you only have 171 violations instead of 1200

No in your post you said you have 1200 violations so he gave you info based on that. you then changed it to say you only have a 171 violations. you just need 1 landing for every violation that you have to reach training and 2 landings for every violation to reach expert

It was a mistake my bad lol… I have 171 violations, 78 landings

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Added on to the number i have now right? So like around 30 landings should do it?

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This website should give you the amount of landings you need

edit sorry, this one:


171 violations means 171 landings for training
171 violations = 342 landings for expert

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It’s fairly simple.

The counts used are for the past 365 days.

Whatever your totals lifetime are are irrelevant.

When you get the pop up it tells you exactly how many of each you have over 365 days. When landings in that time period equal or surpass violations in that time period, you can access training.

If you need help on how to compare numbers, I’m sorry.


Nothing more needs to be said on the topic.