Training Server Control Questions

HI, Is there any way to impose sanctions other than to warn planes that move without permission when controlling from the training server, and planes that enter and take off without permission?

The reason we have a training server is for pilots to get accustomed to rules and regulations before entering the expert server. The training server also allows for a chance for pilots to interact with ATC. Basically, it’s like a ‘school’ for the expert server, hence the name. because of this, it does not make much sense to have many repercussions since pilots may not be aware of how they should conduct themselves. The Training Server does hand out level one violations so it’s not a completely rule-free zone.

You can’t give violations as ATC on Training server.

If you are looking to be part of IFATC on the Expert server, this will really help you if you meet the requirements:

Unfurtonately, you cant report the users from training server, only can IFATC on expert

here you can apply for IFATC to control on expert server

Thanks! 🙏 👍👍

Ok! Thank you for your help!

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