Training server behavior is unacceptable and causes a big headache for ATC

Some planes are excellent and follow every instruction. Others cause a big headache by not listening and causing multiple go arounds. It is extremely frustrating to control on training server. ATC should be able to ghost training server pilots who do not follow instructions…or there should be an option to tell planes on tower to follow instructions, like there is on ATC.

Very very disappointing experience I’ve had lately.

Looking forward to taking the test to become expert ATC.

Thoughts? Thanks.


We call it Training Server for people to learn, nothing we can do. Just try to live with it until you can join Expert. Good Luck! 👍


This should be in live or ATC just so you know.

As it’s training server some people will make mistakes. The only way that you will get very quality pilots is to become an IFATC. If the pilots have an IFC account you can PM them but other than that there’s nothing you can do on TS.

The others beat me to it lol.

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thanks! sorry about that.

Agree it can be frustrating however as per above not much can be done to make pilots obey ATC…or even in some cases pilots to give feedback to ATC on training!

As a suggestion avoid the big global hubs of KLAX, KJFK, EGLL, EGKK & OMDB, but focus on controlling at other airports to help build up your ATC Ops with pilots who fly more mature so that you can ( if you wish) train up for IFATC. Additionally if you set up a tracking thread then pilots on here can see when and where you are controlling and know that ATC will be manned by someone who is taking it seriously so you will more likely to have the more serious pilots attend.

Good luck and see you in the Virtual skies!

Nah, mistakes are an accident. TS is full of negligence.

Never a truer word spoken.

TS1 is a playground for those wishing to experiment. I’ve literally no idea why some folk want to go in TS to experience ATC and learn? Oh wait, that’s the idea of it. I got TS and casual confused, the same as all these ignorant pilots who dont want to listen to any instructions from TSATC.

All you can do is suck it up, refuse to provide the ignorance a service and continue to do your best with the other pilots that are willing to learn.


I absolutely agree. I know that people will say this is a training server. But how else are people going to learn. When I was learning to drive I could never use the excuse “oh I am only a learner” same rules apply. Maybe as a compromise a second training server is introduced with much stricter rules.

Basically, everything that can be done has been mentioned above. But I want to add something too.

We say, that pilots on TS don’t follow the instructions, they do whatever they think, in other words ignoring the ATC’s. But, we have to think that the ATC might have the problem. (I am not speaking for you @Capt_Evan) Sometimes, there are ATC’s on TS that clear for takeoff when someone else is crossing the runway, etc… That means that they get more confused, and they are unsure if the should follow instructions or not.

It has been discussed multiple times and I am afraid it will not happen on TS.

My opinion on this: You are the one who can make the TSATC experience better and more professional. I am sure, that there is a reason why there are the: Misc. Messages on the ATC panel. There you can find useful commands that can be used in order to let the pilots do the correct thing. If you just open a frequency while thinking you cant to anything to change this experience, then wait until you pass the practical and join IFATC. But be sure, in IFATC, its not only: PFL —> PFL ----> Ghosted. Its: You are not cleared to enter the runway please exit the runway —> resend last message ----> Please check help pages…