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Hello. I controlled at KNUC APP a little while ago.
I was very dissapointed that there were a lot of planes ignoring instructions.
So,Other aircrafts very confused by them:(
What should I do?;(

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It’s the training server nothing can be done, train for IFATC and then you will experience some professionalism


The training server is very often the first point of contact pilots have with ATC. There is nothing you can do unfortunately, except report the pilot (however two more needs to do the same for it to have effect). See this post for info: Stop the crazy on the Training Server

If you want to avoid those “nimrods”, you should contact a recruiter and ask for training for the expert server. :)


You probably picked one of the worst airports to control - next time I suggest you try something not in SoCal :). You just need to be a bit patient as other regions don’t have as much traffic, but they will come. London and Singapore regions would be my top choices.

Good luck!! :)


I agree with @MannyG, if you are serious about ATC, do not control in the SoCal region. Majority of pilots there don’t seem to want to listen, obey or perhaps understand what ATC is instructing them. Suggest that you practice your ATC skills in one of the ‘paid for’ or less popular regions, example London, Singapore, Sydney etc. The pilots who generally ‘graduate’ to those regions have a bit more experience or are willing to learn from trainee ATC ;-)

I love flying in the SoCal region but only on the Expert server due to the high, unrealistic, traffic levels.

Happy Landings!


Thank you so much. Now,I’m practicing to become an IFATC,but it can not be training. Because, there were a lot of plane ignoring instructions (nimrods).
I want to practice in proper environment as much as possible;(

I see!
Thank you so much!

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