Training server ATC

Exactly who are the controllers on the TS that just say controller? I thought you have to have an account with IF to ATC. Is it like a free thing? How does that work?


Anyone is able to control frequencies on the training server. When the name appears as “controller” this means that the user hasn’t linked their IFC with their Infinite Flight account.

Only IFATC controllers on the Expert Server are required to have their IFC linked to their account to assist with appeals enquires.

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This might be a dumb question but how do I know That mine is linked. I think I did it but not sure.

You should be able to see your IFC username in the top right corner when on the menu in-app along with your IFC profile picture.

You can also check in settings in-app to see if your account is linked.

Ok I am thank you :)

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Perfect, glad I could help!

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