Training server ATC

hey i opened EDDM on training server and see about 12 Grade 5 pilots coming here.Was someone at EDDM thracking thread and left or something?

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I think it might be a GER-Alliance group flight

Are they coming from the same direction with the same FPL? Might be a group flight :)

Not sure but they are coming from LROP

Yes but it’s on training server so I’m a bit confused

Some VA/VO/Groups choose to fly in Training, if you want to know more, just tell us their username, and you can shoot them a PM!


Lead aircraft is @CrazyBee

You can PM them if you wish!

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Ok thanks!

Then, looking at his profile, it’s most likely a GER Alliance group flight.

They often promote their group flights on instagram, and a lot of times they’re on Training Server.

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Hey , I was the approach controller at EDDM
Do me a favor next time and don’t guard them when they on my frequency

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There was about 5 planes at 5 different times on about 7 mile final and still on your frequency. Why?

5 miles and 5000 feet … thats the airspace of your tower

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Additional to that planes were 20 miles out on my frequency then why is that

Don’t Know … new grade 2 pilots from EGGL casual Server 😅
If you recognize that , send them back to approach frequency :)

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Ok np just didnt realize there was an approach or departure because when i instruct frequency changes it only said contact ground or change approved sorry bout that if i knew someone was there i wont of warned

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Nevermind, thanks for operating the Tower :)

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Next time just @me and tell me. Wouldnt mine working on ur side sometime :)

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