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So I’ve been gone from both Infinite Flight and these forums for almost 4 years at this point, but I recently decided to re-downloaded the app to kill some time and see how it has changed (and it has, quite a bit). I purchased the little $10 live subscription and decided to control on the training server, just because I’ve never seen that side of the screen while flying IRL. Because it is the training server, and the name seems self-explanatory enough, I will not complain about the lack of following any basic rules/aviation logic, but I do have to ask: is it always like this on all servers? I was impressed by the number of people who could only fly exactly what they had filed in their flight plan, even if it conflicted with traffic and made no sense. People couldn’t take vectors, changed frequencies instead of listening to instructions, taxied through everyone, etc.

I guess what I’m trying to get out of this post is a general idea of whether or not the game is always like this? Not sure if it was a one-off experience, or if the training server is more like the playground server we used to have years ago.

Thanks for your help!

The training server now is like the playground server back then while the expert server now is like the advanced server back then.

For a better experience, I recommend ranking up to grade 3 and trying out the expert server. It is an overall better experience


I still wonder why it’s called the “training” server, when there is no training going on there. The pilots over there basically do whatever they like. Expert server is more like where the training actually starts because people ask questions so not be reported. I believe that if there some sort of actual training going on there, we will even better “expert “ server.

I control sometimes at Training server, and… Yes, you’re right, nobody controls the trolls, but it is the only option that you have to add more operations, I always avoid hub’s like KLAX or EGLL, but sometimes it is necessary to “control” it, because there are more aircrafts and all of those reasons, when you finished, you’re such as stressed because some people follow your instructions, but majority of those guys doesn’t, I’ve always had this thought , it is a simulator, It simulates the reality of a real airport, but those people doesn’t understand that, they just want to bother other’s experience

To add on to @Drummer ‘s post, yes, Expert Server is much more realistic than the other servers. Air Traffic Controllers must be certified through a series of exams to prove knowledge and competence while controlling, before being given access to the server as a controller.
As for the pilots, grade restricts anyone below grade 3 from accessing the server. This doesn’t always imply an equivalent level of skill. Anyone can grind a few landings for access to the Expert Server. However, Expert ATC controllers (IFATC) are given the power to enforce proper procedures and rules though reports, which will remove the pilot from the server if a deviation takes place. All of these blockades result in better realism in the Expert Server.

Great to have you back!😁😁

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Controlling on the expert server is nothing like controlling on the training server, so nothing to worry about if you join the IFATC team. :)

Sign up to control on expert here

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Welcome back!

Indeed. You generally see a different calibre of pilot ability, enhanced tools such as ATIS, and the benefit of a great team of people on tap 24/7 who will help answer questions and support your development. Its win win

If you love controlling, follow Trios link above 🙂

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