Training server ATC

I assuming because this is a training server that ATC re ally has no control over pilots that do what they want. Most do but 1 or 2 that just mock up the works. Also many pilots exceed the 250 knot air speed below 10,000.Im assuming (the mother of all screw ups) the get the warning yet they keep on going. Back to ATC.When I ask for a change in air speed or hold for spacing so the tower doesn’t get overrun my directions are ignored.The default is always "Uable. Is there any fix for this.

Unfortunately, since this is training server, anyone can control for ATC, so some people out there will give wrong instructions… hence… they don’t know how to operate ATC that well. Maybe try flying on expert server if possible where you will get real ATC instructions guaranteed

Nope unfortunately, I’m training server proper atc regulations can’t be enforced, resulting in a few people ruining the experience for everyone else

There shouldn’t be anyone going over 250 under 10000 constantly or they would be ckicked from the session. The radar screen shows groud speed which could well be faster than IAS.

Thanks for the responses. Also I was unaware of speed displayed was Ground speed. Thanks everyone

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