Training Server ATC

How do you be a Training Server Air Traffic member? I seen TS-ATC members but I don’t see any group. Can you even join in the first place?

Here if you want to be part of TSATC

But if you join this, i think it means you can’t be part of IFATC at the same time


Thank you so much mate

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If you join you can’t do the road to IFATC. You have to leave then start IFATC it’s more for helping you become an IFATC member!

Also keep in mind that you do not have to be part of TSATC in order to be able to control on the training server. TSATC is a great group, but I wouldn’t recommend joining if you’d like to be able to open your favorite airfields every day.


Hey! I’m the Recruiter for TSATC please sign up on our thread below under the “apply” button. I hope to see you on the TSATC team soon!

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Can you possibly check on my application if possible?

Did you submit it on the new or old form? If it’s on the new one it’s been less then 5 hours since I last checked. I don’t check it all the time. 🙂

I clicked on apply on the website with a link that you left in this post to be honest with you I think I applied just today or yesterday so I might still have to wait I just wanted to make sure that the application was in because y’all just had a revamp

We don’t use that application anymore can you apply on our thread?

Which thread am I looking for?

The one linked above?

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