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Hi, I’m currently trying to improve my ATC skills but it’s pretty much impossible on the training server. This is because of the disregard to any ATC on there, and I know it’s training server for a reason but it’s hard for people trying to improve for IFATC because of people’s disregard to ATC.


try creating a tracking thread

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Just to add to @samdog27

Check out this post from #atc with details. Pick a small more remote airport with 2 parallel runways and invite people and more dedicated people will come.

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Doing a tracking thread is the best way. The key is to go to an area that does not have a lot of traffic so the people who fly for you are there for you specifically. Starting out in one of the main regions is also not advised as you will get many more people who are new to the sim.

The only time I recommend ever trying to open a larger airport on the TS is when you are comfortable giving commands quickly. The one good thing it gives you is the stress test of receiving numerous requests at once and having to organize ground awareness. Other than that, stick to 3-4 educated pilots flying patterns for you.

Like when you have a pilot at JFK on 22R and another on 4L trying to take off at the same time!!?

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