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Is it common practice to contact everyone on the ground as soon as you open the tower to ask for intentions? Or contact someone still 100-150nm out and instruct them to contact approach?

As tower you only handle aircraft inbound, transitions, holding short, or aircraft on a runway

As approach you only handle/on guard aircraft below FL180 and around 80nm out is when aircraft should contact you.

This could be helpful for you-

It’s not me sending these messages. They’ve been contacting me. A few issues with ATC over the past 24 hours as controllers are trying to use the frequency too often.

Oh whoops then,
But yes, that’s incorrect operation procedures, it’s TS so most pilots and ATC are still learning, just tolerate them until you get aces to the expert server where this won’t happen.

Given how close I am to grade 4, I’m beginning to shift over to expert server for my flights. I have yet to encounter a manned tower there but I’m sure they’re much more professional. I’ve had access to the expert server for a while, just never used it 🤷🏼‍♂️

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If you can understand and follow instructions (make sure you go through the tutorials first) you’ll never want to go back to TS. The IFATC team are awesome.

No, they should simply wait for a request or respond to a potential conflict.

Incorrect. Aircraft requesting a transition aren’t inbound.

What part of my post are you referring to?

This bit haha no major biggy. I should’ve PMd, my apologies.

Inbound: adjective, verb

  • traveling toward a particular place, especially when returning to the original point of departure.

Doesn’t mean you’re landing.

Oh that’s fine, don’t want to spread misinformation.
I’ll get that fixed :)

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I suggest you lay off the Google definitions, an inbound aircraft isn’t one transiting overhead in my real world experience.

It means you are inbound, landing, utilising the airfield for a reason.

A transition is a transitting aircraft, hence you request a transition via a different option menu within IF outside of the inbound set of requests.

Happy to discuss via PM if you would like to @Trio

Inbound for a transition… moving on.

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