Training server ATC

It’s so hard to gain valuable training time on the server when a good portion of people don’t listen to ATC instructions 😡

Also how come the you can’t warn people any more or ghost them if they don’t listen to your instructions?

This, unfortunately, is training server for you. I suggest opening a tracking thread to gain some training time. You can find examples in the #atc category.


Best option would be to create an ATC tracking thread and ask for people to come to pattern work at some remote airport. I believe it’s the best way to train without trolls and those who don’t follow instructions.


Listen to this scenario.

User abcd1234 is playing on casual. He is new and grade 1. He takes off from the gate. He gets landings by landing on runways, of course, and generates flight time by flying an A380 inverted. He gains XP during the process.
He finally reached grade 2. That enabled access to Air Traffic Controlling in the Training server. He likes to troll people, so He ghosts everybody. See why You can’t ghost or warn people?

People just like to be crazy. That doesn’t apply to everybody though. Make an ATC tracking thread to get more professional people to Your airspace and after practice, apply for IFATC.


Yeah I get your point and understand why you can’t ghost people. When I’ve got a few spare hours I will create a Tracking thread as advised.

You’d think the price we pay to play IF more people would want to fly by the rules and make it as realistic as possible.

Thank you for your replies, appreciate it.


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If you’re really looking for a realistic experience, you might want to look at VATSIM. It’s a little more of a hit on the wallet though the service per se is free, but well worth it for realism. But I don’t think we’re supposed to talk about it here xD


I personally fly realistic but to be honest … I would argue that for the price we pay to play IF people would want to be able to do whatever they want.

The server structure, ghosting, and rules are not really discussed in the app description (at least on IOS). Not sure if knowing this before would influence purchases or not.

I agree that people are paying their own money, however when others are paying money and wanting to learn/train and work up in the ranks it’s harder when people ignore ATC instructions.

IF commutunity have suggested we create a ATC thread to draw in more respectable IF users to gain experience which I will b doing

Having an ATC Tracking Thread is pretty useful. You can open airports you would never be able to open if you didn’t have one, and you have a community full of people willing to help you by flying patterns for you and then provide quality feedback.

The ability to open “underused” or “not commonly used” airports is pretty helpful because inexperienced pilots will rarely visit you, and you’ll be able to get quailty operations that will help you further your training. You service the pilot but it’s nice to have help when you’re learning. 🙂


Absolutely agree, I’m just pondering which airport to use. I don’t want something easy, but also do t want idiots joining us. 😂

Just follow the expert server featured airports, easy. :)

Yeah but I can’t control on the expert server.

No, you can open the featured airports on the training server.

I recommend you don’t open the obvious airports (KJFK, EGLL, KLAX, etc). Here we see most trolls.

Also make sure you open airports which have enough wind that one end of the runway(s) shows up red. I have found that this ‘encourages’ pilots to use the correct end of the runway.

Lastly, when you do get trolls, just let them. If you can’t control them, ignore them, and work with the ones that do listen. Many of them actually behave well.

Don’t give up!


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