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After recently reaching the requirements for Expert ATC I can move off of the dreaded training server and I mean dreaded.
When trying to tackle an airport such as LHR there is no winning and no way to stop those who purposely are just there to annoy you.
I had a perfect setup everyone heading into 27R for landings and 27L for takeoffs and you get those idiots who land/takeoff and 09L/R and there is no way to stop it. I’m sure many other people have this problem and yes I know it’s “training server” but it’s more of those who just can’t follow instructions.
Is there anyway at all FDS to stop this and make sure everything runs smoothly such as ghosting for those who can’t follow instructions. I know it could be abused but anything would do at this point.
Happy Flying ugh

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The Training Server is where inexperienced pilots will go and train, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this, just try working around them if not try opening up smaller fields.


Okay thanks for your advice but when you have a grade 3/4 on training server taxiing onto the runway no request it’s rather err disappointing

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Anyone can be Grade 3, 4, or 5 and still be an inexperienced Pilot or Troll. Anyone can also rack up flight time and XP and get those grade’s but still not have a single clue on how to fly. Don’t determine Pilot Experience by Grade. :)


Ahhh yeh that is true good spot thanks I guess some people enjoy trolling more than playing as well :)

Once you join expert ATC this will cease to exist, but buckle down and sit through and wait until you have access to the most realistic server available!

and the ghost button


Yes there are some idiots, but its called training server…

This has always been a pretty big problem on TS1 unfortunately. Sometimes it’s best just to ignore them, although it would be nice if after a certain amount of controlled airspaces we’re allowed to do the report feature, which was removed.

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