Training Server ATC

I was recently at KJFK on TS2 when I noticed that before I pushed back, Ground had told me to taxi to a closed runway, and cross another runway. Afterwards, Tower (different person) pinged me on the taxiway (nowhere near the hold short line) and then told me to contact Tower (them) when I was already tuned. I think there needs to be some level of ATC certification on the Training server, like after watching ATC tutorials by @Tyler_Shelton and @Mark_Denton, they enter a code given to them which lets them control. I think this would benefit the Training Server community and would help teach upcoming ATC.


The Training Server is called the Training server for a reason: it’s a place for people to practice their skills and improve. Having strict requirements and certifications to participate in the Training Server would defeat its purpose.

As your issue with ATC occurred on the Training Server, there’s not much that can be done. If you prefer a more realistic experience, come fly on the Expert Server! :)

Additionally, users on the Training Server wishing to take the next step in ATC can watch the community tutorials, contact a trainer/recruiter, etc.


Also, just because a runway is red does not mean it is closed…


I understand that it’s the training server, but I think minimal certification should be required. I also prefer TS because there is worldwide ATC daily

This has been bought up many times over the years. It’s just not going to work out. People feel robbed just from not having access to the expert server due to violations so imagine if TS required a test.

Really? That’s my bad! What does it mean?

Red means the winds are not favorable. But the controller has to take into account the wind speed, direction, and the size of the aircraft. If the wind shifts in real life they don’t stop everything unless it is drastic enough.

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I don’t mean a test, I mean some sort of number code shown at the end of ATC tutorials that thycan enter in.

There have been a plethora of threads talking about tests. The server requirements have changed for training so the grade has increased. However since there is no ATC on casual, the training server is where people, well, train.

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But it was an A321 during no wind shift

If the controller is part of the forum often they’ll put “IFC” as part of their name. If such is the case you can find them here. If not there is no hope


Yeah I looked for both of them :P

You do realize I said “often”…right?

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Yep… I was just saying.

What does this have to do with it?

If the wind on a runway 18/36 is 090@5knots, one side will be red. But a 5 knot crosswind either direction doesn’t really matter.

I don’t know what the specifics were here, but red is just a visual aid. It doesn’t actually mean closed.

I wasn’t talking to you lol I was talking to @anon36571935 when he told me not all people don’t

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Oh about the grade requirement, I swear that recently I saw grade 1s on TS. Is it taking affect soon or am I going crazy?

Grade 2 is required. As per the information screen when you choose the server.

People can drop grades in the middle of their flight which is why you will see grade 1s on the training server. This is due to violations.

Also no need to post a comment that someone deleted a post…

The reply about the deleted post was for clarification about a separate conversation, Thanks for the help!

METARs said 15kt winds