Training Server ATC Team

Hello everyone, I want to continue this post

We will ATC in different airports every week.

If you want to join you have to pass an ATC test, after passing your test you will ATC tower and ground, if you want to ATC approach you have to pass a different test. (You’re not allowed to ATC approach before passing the first test.)
interested ? PM me the following information
Your display name when ATC
Your email (so I can add you to slack team)
(You can not join if you’re in the process of becoming an IFATC)

For the players who want to fly when we’re active
I will post when we are going to ATC.

We will ATC on Training Server 1

If you have a complaint, please PM me or @SkyHighGuys with what happened (including screenshots of incident).


Sure this a duplicate, however I’m sure that one is inactive

Happy to help this new team!! Let’s actually do something for 'tis instead of just complaining :)


I think most of the time the players are the problem. Not the ATC. How will you guys deal with unruly players or trolls. Will you have certain people waiting to ghost trolls??

That is part of the group to decide. If you’d like to sign up and help make it a better place then I’d suggest contacting my friend @Boodz_G

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It’s not always players are the problem, sometimes it’s the ATC too.

Yes you are right, but the ATC cant do right if the players arent even listening. It requires both atc and the players. Just curious i would love to see the ATC thing work but players need to listen to you!!


I agree, hopefully we will find a solution.

I’ll be honest, this won’t really work, because the majority of pilots on playground just don’t listen, you guys will get frustrated and might rage at the fact that no ones listening, and that’s the unfortunate case with training server, that’s why we have the expert server with controllers that have fully qualified. Just don’t complain when it doesn’t work because no one will really be surprised

This is why we will ATC on TS2 for less trolls

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Just a couple notes:

  • IFATC cannot control on training servers, so do not expect any of them to join.
  • Many who want to go through with taking a test to get on an ATC team might as well just join expert server IFATC.

Good luck with the idea though.


I know

Not everyone can join IFATC because he doesn’t meet the requirements or got kicked.

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This isn’t a duplicate if the other one is inactive.

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#Join us today !

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I can personally attest this is a great idea. As you know I’m an IFATC but I still am involved with this, ones limitations shouldn’t define his career. @AR_AR

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I surely hope you’re not controlling though @SkyHighGuys ;) 🔨


Don’t worry lol I’m not ;)


He will just watching 🌲🌲👀🌲🌲…won’t even see him…sneaky little rascal…😂


Shhh… Don’t tell ;)

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Choose a region that you want us to ATC

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Caribbean
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Hawaii
  • London
  • New York
  • Oshkosh
  • Paris, France
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle, WA
  • Singapore & Kuala Lumpur
  • Southern California
  • South Florida
  • Sydney, Australia

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