Training Server ATC Team

I don’t mind helping out with ATC when I can :)

Only thing that annoys me is when I’m controlling the traffic I get folk ruining it and then I cannot report them because my controller rating is too low??? I’ve spent hours on top of hours directing traffic.

I’d prefer San Francisco or London Heathrow

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You have to join IFATC so you can report players

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No worries. We will move to TS2 or somewhere in a paid region…why? TS2 eliminated a ton of noobs. A paid region is also big because many noobs haven’t paid for any regions yet

Also, you guys should use TS2 because there are issues with sequencing on TS1.

@SkyHighGuys I sure hope you aren’t controlling on TS1 ;)

I’ve been over this over and bloody hell over lol…no I’m just an admin officer for this group and I fly under them


OK brilliant now I understand better, sounds good too me :)

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