Training Server ATC Sessions Won't Disconnect

Device: iPad Pro
Operating system: Latest iOS

Whenever I leave an ATC session and try to join a new one at the same airport, it gives that message saying that you can’t be on departure/approach and ground/tower at the same time. The controller name under the previous frequency is either mine or “controller” and grayed out. If I join a random frequency at some random airport, it connects me to that frequency and gets me off the other so I can get on the frequency I was originally trying to get on. Maybe about 10% of time, at either the intermediate frequency or the final frequency, the UI doesn’t load, won’t for about a day. Very rarely, the UI won’t load to begin with, and then I won’t even be able to connect to the intermediate frequency.

I’d like to know what it looks like from fully-functioning devices, so if someone could please give me a time they can check the arrival board and the ATC status from the airport board? The particular airport would be determined then, since any airports could be taken.

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It’s been like that most of the time, you just have to either switch out of TS to ES and then back to TS or switch to another airport.

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That happens when you leave your current ATC session and try opening a new frequency immediately after leaving your previous session. The game will think you are trying to open another radar frequency while you are opened as Tower/Ground as well. The game takes some time to update and recognize that you left the previous frequency/session, so it keeps showing your name there as if you were still controlling.

Have you tried leaving the app then re-entering, and seeing if your name is still there? Usually, that updates the game and airport frequencies. If that doesn’t work, I’d go with a device restart.

Regarding the “Arrival board” or information table, you can update it by clicking on the two circular arrows on the top-right of the table.

Hope that helps!

I’ve tried exiting app, restarting, etc. Usually the workarounds work, but it’s that 1 in 10 chance that the UI won’t load for a day that is the major issue. I know about the button on the arrival board, but I was wondering if it is different on other people’s end.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try that.

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