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Every single time I try to do KLAX tower, I end up on the observer frequency, often followed by the app quitting. Then, you gotta deal with the usual you can’t be on a departure/approach and ground/tower at the same time. When two or more people try to join an ATC session at the same time, who gets priority? I have tried at least 10 times. I have good internet, there’s that I haven’t been first 10 times in a row. Just to test, I waited around on the ATC screen and joined as soon as the frequency closed. Nothing works.

I’m pretty sure it’s whoever gets on first

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant that there was no way I hadn’t gotten there first at least once out of all those times.

I feel you man. In general ATC on TS sucks because most of the “controllers” have no idea what they’re doing. Before I became IFATC I would also try to control KLAX and EGLL, the main hubs and like you, I would always be an observer no matter how quick I was. I guess it’s first come first serve. If you want to “not be an observer” I would either camp the frequency (not recommended) and apply to IFATC where you won’t have this issue.
I hope this helps!


Yeah. I’ll be 14 in just a few months, so I’ll probably be joining IFATC soon. People always tell aspiring IFATC to avoid hubs like KLAX and instead create ATC tracking threads to try to get not-troll traffic, but it’s never enough to practice for what would be difficult— having to deal with a lot of aircraft. There’s no skill required to clear one person to land…

But I never get observered (making a new word here) on the approach frequencies, where you can get a good deal of experience at times. Vectoring’s kinda fun…

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Well I would stay off radar because that’s a whole different thing but yes, tracking threads are a good help and you can get IFATC to come and fly around.

The thing about approach on TS is no one will listen to your commands. apply for IFATC

if those person are experienced, only 2 can be enough for a first session, tag me when you open your tracking thread please

Er—my tracking thread actually got locked a while ago… Would I contact a moderator, or—?

Why did it get locked? Was it because of the 90 days?

Yes it was.

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I would just create a new one. No need for moderator assistance.

Alright then.

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