Training Server ATC is not responding

Recently, there is an ATC that does not respond and I am in trouble. They do not take any reaction. Also, from the fact that they are sitting, other users can not do ATC😭

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Ummm… that’s Training Server There is absolutely nothing you can do



BTW it says they are active for 11 hours??? That can’t be right - they’ll get kicked if they don’t respond to a message in a certain amount of time. Also this topic shouldn’t be in #support


Lol 😂

But, i can’t ATC in this airport.

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Ok… just switch to a different airport until they go…

I think this is the same ATC that handled @Q-ENAN several days ago

“Vittorio Williams” is the name of the ATC if you check the second photo


This ATC has repeated the same act from before…

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Yeah, he also reported some issue that he had been controlling for along time. So I won’t be surprised if he is unresponsive as he might be sleeping at that time

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Controllers get kicked off for not responding though, should it not be a technical issue.


I’m sure there must be something wrong. I believe there’s some issues on the system

However, he repeats the same act. I guess he is not asleep.

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I believe it’s a system error where he might joined the session but he can’t send messages or instructions.

Anyway, Would you mind if you move this to #support ? As I think this issue deserves some attention


This is an issue which has brought up quie a few times - so I’m sure people are aware of this now. Plus, he’s not directly reporting an “issue” as such judging by the way the post is formatted.


Yes. I think that is also an important issue. I did not change the category.

Honestly, I wonder about these things

  • Why the server didn’t kick him out from the session after he is being unresponsive?
  • Why this issue always involves Vittorio Williams in KPSP Ground at TS1?

This has been reported to staff and they are working to get this sorted I’m sure, in the meantime avoid the airport or don’t bother with ATC and use Unicom.


I had the same issue the other day:

Hey guys,

Just as an update, yes he is currently Ground ATC for Palm Springs (KPSP) for TS1, and from the ATC menu it says he’s been “active for 7 days”. Think this really needs to be looked at as its difficult trying to organise Taxiing from the Tower ATC.


I am aware, again as I already said the developers and staff are dealing with it I’m sure. Be patient and hopefully it can get solved, it’s quite a busy airport aswell so I understand that it’s even more annoying 😂

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I have had this problem too, and it’s the same guy. It’s really annoying:-/