Training server ATC ghost

Ok, I love doing ATC in training server, but I think it is SO annoying when the planes do not do what I tell them to do so is there a way to report then/ghost then. If there is a way that I can report people on training sever


Simple answer, sadly, no there is not. That’s why it’s always recommended to fly on the Expert Server for the best possible experience :)

And why not apply for IFATC/controlling on the Expert Server? Open a tracking thread, and let us community members help you out!


Sadly there is not even though there I think should be especially if you’re at a controlled airport and simply just not following directions as the last sentence of the first paragraph users with no regards for others may be subject for removal from the server.

Now I understand it’s training server and people are supposed to be learning but if you’re just parking at the departure end of the runway and then request to taxi and told to taxi all the way down to the other end and the pilot just flat out ignored them and takes off against traffic then come on that you should be punished for

My sympathies, I’m with you. The catch is that trolls can control on TS too, so the ghosting option could be grossly abused. I’m not IFATC so training is it for me. I just focus on the ones following directions. Just keep sending those instructions, eventually the trolls will give up and move on.

Just do your best and practice hard so you can join IFATC to control on ES, I share your frustration but best thing you can do in TS is just do your best to incorporate them

We all know some training server pilots aren’t the best, but there are also some bad controllers on training server than might abuse the report system.

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