Training Server ATC Authority

Dude I tried to be KLAX ground and tower at the same time pre global. I know about that lol. I didn’t last 2 minutes with 10 requests in each frequency lol.

You can’t control Training server IS A REAL PAIN! I can relate. Im just trying really hard not to go off :)

I completely agree with you and I know everyone’s just going to say well it’s training server but I don’t think that by itself could mean anything. Obviously yes it’s a good place to train but that means people should be training and not fooling around. That’s what casual servers for. There’s really no difference between the two except training server has ATC. I think there should be somewhat of an accountability on training server.

Goodness, that may take a little bit longer lol. Good way to rack up those landing are with pattern work. You’ll get there soon. Try to follow the advice above to hopefully reduce the amount of people not following instructions

I’ve been doing patten works on newly open airports on expert server with no traffic so I can get a feel on what the controller commands.

Oh God I hate ATC in the training server. I came across PPPPPPPP spamming I’m Sorry like 12 times before I called mods.

EGLL has actually gotten a bit more civilized then it was. I was in a 3 hour session and we didn’t have a single accident. But watch out for callsign Aegean 100 / Display name Captain spiros cfu. EGLL is what I recommend over KLAX. KJFK is not bad because It is not really busy at all. @ZinZowe.

The reason I don’t want to keep opening JFK is because I can handle KLAX I just can’t handle the trollers because they don’t care if they crash but I do.


I try to be as professional as I can on training and expert. Casual server is there for a reason and I wish all the trolls would stay on casual

In addition to trying to control more civilized airports mentioned above, I would recommend creating a tracking thread here on IFC to promote yourself when you are open and attract people to come and fly some patterns for you. They can also help provide feedback, which will help you learn and potentially join IFATC faster! Here is the thread on how to create a tracking thread, enjoy!

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I believe a good method would be for ATC’s on the training server be allowed to ghost those who do not follow directions, but since they are on the training server and still learning, it shouldn’t count as a report on their record.

Yes, but trolls will just hand ghosts out for no reason and we’ll have even more “I got ghosted!” topics than we already have.

I would avoid KLAX, EGLL and KJFK. My only bad ATC experience was at KLAX. Try places like RJTT, VHHH, WSSS, pilots follow your instructions 98% of the time. You’ll probably get less landings but quality experience.

But sometimes I fly on TS and I have to say I am guilty of ignoring ATC commands because ATC is either trolling or giving wrong instructions, which also kills the realism and fun. Could be the case for other pilots so TS can be a mess.

I’d choose other airports and not rush through the landings, enjoy them:)

KSFO & VHHH has people that listen

I disagree, I think that they should add in a report feature for the people who spam the ghost in Training Server

It has more people that will follow ATC but it’ll still have people who don’t follow ATC.

KSFO has people that follow, its KLAX and EGLL that don’t. I’ve never had a problem with KJFK

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Agreed. KJFK and KSFO are the good “busy” airports

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EHAM & VHHH are good but not busy

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Yeah, same with OMDB. I wish people moved to other places of the world lol

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