Training Server ATC Authority

I would avoid KLAX, EGLL and KJFK. My only bad ATC experience was at KLAX. Try places like RJTT, VHHH, WSSS, pilots follow your instructions 98% of the time. You’ll probably get less landings but quality experience.

But sometimes I fly on TS and I have to say I am guilty of ignoring ATC commands because ATC is either trolling or giving wrong instructions, which also kills the realism and fun. Could be the case for other pilots so TS can be a mess.

I’d choose other airports and not rush through the landings, enjoy them:)

KSFO & VHHH has people that listen

I disagree, I think that they should add in a report feature for the people who spam the ghost in Training Server

It has more people that will follow ATC but it’ll still have people who don’t follow ATC.

KSFO has people that follow, its KLAX and EGLL that don’t. I’ve never had a problem with KJFK

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Agreed. KJFK and KSFO are the good “busy” airports

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EHAM & VHHH are good but not busy

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Yeah, same with OMDB. I wish people moved to other places of the world lol

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everybody loves Los Angeles and London lol

The same things keep getting repeated:

  • It’s the Training Server
  • Sometimes you get trolls
  • Ignore them
  • Don’t open busy airports on the Training Server
  • Try opening an ATC Tracking Thread
  • Join IFATC

Let’s give it a rest now :)


I think there is a feature request somewhere to allow kicking aircraft off your frequency. Maybe give that a vote.

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It is very frustrating but there is not much we can do. It’s a learning space and if/when they reach grade 3, if they thought they can do it on ES they would soon find they are wrong.

Im just looking here and by the way you can kick someone out of your frequency. It is really useful for me 😂 How you do it is you just swipe there name to the right on the board sort of thing on the right. :)

Swiping an aircraft’s flight strip won’t boot them off of your frequency, but will remove the data tag from the right of the screen. This might be a way for you to visually organize aircraft, but has no affect on the pilot.

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Though it would be nice to give more power to controllers on the training server, I would see too many people abusing that power.

What about instead of giving reporting powers on the training server a button that just hides that user from you so essentially its like they have been ghosted but does not affect them in any way they just cant troll you


I saw that guy on the casual server a couple weeks ago!

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