Training Server ATC Authority

This is a complaint.
In Training Server. I really don’t like how you basically have no authority. If you’re a radar controller (Approach and Departure) about only half of the airplanes follow your HDG instructions or worse.

In the image it was like a complete air show and only a few of the arrivals were following my instructions. I tried to say go around or say check runway assignment but there’s always a plane that doesn’t follow directions. I know the purpose and meaning of commands and I’m looking to become an IFATC. I need 200 more landings. I’m just really annoyed with this. The airport was so busy and I was just very very annoyed with the people not following instructions.
Can anyone relate?


It’s training server. They’re there to learn. Sometimes you may get the trolls.


Yeah I agree. Really should add more authority to atc in training


I’ve been doing approach and i know how to make a basic pattern because i do expert server a lot and am grade 4. I wish the planes would listen to me.

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But also as @Altaria55 there are trolls. Just ignore them

Since it’s training server, not too you can do. Next time try to ignore them and take into account the fact that they are trying to learn. :)

Yeah there was a pilot who was intentionally trolling taking off on 7R and doing basically an air show in an a359

That’s TS for you.

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I would also recommend controlling at a more “civilized” airport that’s not LAX, JFK, or LHR. Might help with the traffic intake/trolls. :]


Yeah it sucks. Avoid opening airports with heavy traffic as those are the airports that will probably have the most trolls. Since you only need 200 more operations, it will come in no time. Try to keep your head up until you are eligible for IFATC. Can’t wait to see you join us!


Trolls on the training server suck, and I would strongly advise against opening airports such as KLAX and EGLL. Opening an ATC tracking thread would be a great idea to get practice with professional IFC members, though it may take a second to get a few people to head over. It’s a great way to get operations and practice with what the expert server will be like. Hope to see you controlling my skies soon! :)


I need 200 more landings to a total of 750 lol

How much operations do u have to do?

But likewise, you could have reverse ATC trolls. Someone is going to jump onto ATC and hand out violations/ ghost a bunch of pilots instead of flying through them on the ground. That’s why only trained IFATC and staff members can hand it out on expert server 🤷

I get that it’s annoying, but if it’s any consolation, lots of us have put up with it in the past, especially in the pre-global days where you’d have 100 aircraft concentrated into a single airport. You think it’s bad now? Hehe…


That’s why I’d like to be an IFATC

What do landings have to do with ATC? 😂


200 landings? There are no landing requirements to join the IFATC team, other than keeping your grade 3 status.

It’s the total violation/landings ratio. You need twice as landings to violations.

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Since my violation is so high. I have to start getting 200 more landings.

Ah, I see, had a couple rough flights. Don’t worry, do some pattern work and open your own ATC tracking threads in the meantime, it will help you loads.