Training server ATC able to report user

It still goes through though so this topic is not needed, click the button Anyway and it counts trust me

Hi guys, at First i Hope you all understand my “english” because iam a German and i Know my english isnt good 😅

I realy understand that Users/ ATC’s on TS Servers (playground) ask if they Can ghost… I (as an IFATC) Know this Feature, and it is ONLY for Pilots that ignore rules MULTIPLE Times because we MUST warn Users before we Can ghost.

I dont think this is a Great idea that a grade 3/4/5 Pilot Should be available to Can ghost Users on TS Servers.
Now my grounds:
If you Are dont Know any ATC comand, but you Are grade 5 is also possible.
And do you realy want that all grade 3/4/5 PILOTS (yes, the grading system is “only for Pilots”) Should be available to ghost you (example: a grade 2 User, but you Know every ATC comand, and you Follow every ATC instruction)???
I dont think so.
I also Know the way to the IFATC Group isnt easy…
You Must learn every ground and Tower comand and when you Can/Must use it.
If you passed the Witten Test (the Most People dont passed it on the First Try) you also Must do a practical Test with Around 2-5 Planes in the pattern, transitions and Runway changes…
After Around ONE MONTH of practice, and you Are a Part of the IFATC Group (for me it is like a big Family) you Must read IFATC instructions… I Cant Tell it but it also have “ghosting guidelines”…
EVERY ghost is recorded and we Must take a screenshot… If we do a mistake we Can get demoted, in critical cases we Can be removed from IFATC…
I Hope you understanding this, and it will also help you :)

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Have fun getting an atc that reports everyone.

what if some bad controllers ghost somebody following the rules?

thats not possible to happen

Fly advance, problem solved.


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