Training server ATC able to report user

If you are controlling on the training server and are grade 3 or above you should be allowed to ghost if not have a report button and if they are reported by you a warning comes on their screen telling them to behave. This would be really useful when someone taxis onto runway and takes off without clearance and after warning doesn’t stop.

I know there have been previous topics but they are old and i wanted to create a new fresh one


I think this is a great idea but it should be grade 4 instead of grade 3.


It will get abused, and the moderators already have enough complaints to deal with without people who won’t use it responsibly enough, if your sick of naughty pilots contact a recruiter or scout and join IFACT :)

Steven - IFATC scout :) 😬


What’s the difference at grade 3 you can fly in expert so you know ATC commands well

I don’t think this is a good idea, because this server is for training. If you want to fly with serious pilots, then fly on expert server, where ghosting is enforced by the IFATC


There are enough pilots at grade 3 or 4,who don’t know ATC commands


Great idea?, YES. But to some extent no mainly because you may be falsely ghosted by a IFATC and may make a complaint so this would just mean loads more complaints of controllers reporting pilots without probable cause

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Totally agree, only IFATC and mods should be able to ghost.


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Just now I was waiting for take off remaining in pattern, atc command me I have clearance to take off immediately take left traffic, then I was going to runway to take off, then suddenly I received message that ask me to cancel take off due other plane landing soon. In that case how was I supposed to cancel take off because behind the plane is almost touch down. So I was ignore it and take off immediately so no accident occur.

In these scenario will they ghost me? If they ghost me then how? I’m follow instruction as given but I was ad at runway suddenly getting message asking to cancel, of cos I can’t due plane almost behind me.

Which server?

This is to be honest a terrible idea as j have realized from controlling on advanced grade doesn’t mean knowledge I have seen grade 4’s do stuff that show me the lack of knowledge they have if you want to control with some pilots that mostly listen and give a good experience contact a someone like @anon66442947 to start the process

Tom is my recruiter and is awesome at what he does! I personally can also attest that the grade system is not accurate. Not to long ago at KDEN I had a grade 5 enter the runway and takeoff, all without permission and ignoring my warning calls. I have also had numerous grade 4 and 3 ignore me.
Tip guys : just because it’s TS1 or PG as it used to be called, doesn’t mean you can disrespect the controller. It takes a huge amount of guts to control in TS and I commend those who try. But the grade system is bogus sometimes. That being said I’m not saying grade five pilots aren’t 99% better at following instructions then grade one. Just saying the grade system has its flaws

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This subject has already been discussed. It will never happen. End.

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Training server 1.

I know this server doesn’t have ability to ghost player.

He/she can be ghosted if 3 pilots report him/her.

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Yes but what use is that if people can’t be bothered to report pilots on the Expert server so I doubt people are going to report others ecspecially as at times most of them are not so my report counts for nothing, same for advanced it’s never ever worked to ghost someone other then myself for doing nothing

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Can’t as controllers we be allowed to report like pilots and you need 3 people to report for ghosting

Okay but you can already do this, it shows up as if it doesn’t work but controllers can also report pilots. You should make it clear you mean report and not ghost

I originally meant ghost but am now saying that if we can’t ghost can’t we at least report. When I go to report it says controller rating too low