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TSATC Is Approved by Tyler

TSATC is an organisation focused on bringing quality ATC services to the training server. We aim to bring an entirely new experience to the Training Server, while at the same time improving our controlling skills.

TSATC was founded on July 29th, 2019, under the control of @benself . He remained the CEO for a couple of months, until @Connor took over as CEO. TSATC grew bigger and better over time, until some unfortunate events occurred, which forced Connor to resign in October. @AviationMad took over as the CEO when this occurred, and now we are back, and better than ever!

Every Sunday, our Schedule Managers come up with a diverse schedule, which gets posted on the IFC.Throughout the course of the week, our controllers open at the airports shown on the schedule. And guess what? You can become part of this process! Simply fill out the application form (and make sure you meet all of the requirements). One of our recruiters will get in touch with you, and you will go through the recruitment process. Once you’ve completed this, congratulations, you’ve become a TSATC controller!

We have a dedicated Staff team that can answer any questions you may have regarding TSATC. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact any one of them!

- @AviationMad

Hi! I’m Kacey, or as you may know me on the IFC, AviationMad. I’m the CEO os TSATC, and strive to make it the best it can possibly be. I started out as a scheduling manager, then worked my way up, all the way to CEO. I’m always up for a chat, so if you’ve got any questions or you just want to talk, shoot me a PM!

- @Sashaz55

Hey everyone, I’m Sasha the COO of the TSATC organization, I have been hopping around positions so I know how it works 😂 I was TSATCs first controller and then I became a recruiter after that I was the Chief Recruiter, I recently have passed down that position to @Flying_dutchman1 and I have become the COO I work with @AviationMad to make this one of the best ATC organizations out there!

- Vacant

This could be you!

Simply fill out the application form below. @AviationMad will be in touch with you shortly.

- Vacant

This Could Be You!

Simply fill out the application form below. @AviationMad

- @VAnuj

Hi! I’m Anuj, the Head of Scheduling here! I make all the TSATC schedules that let our controllers let you fly around the Training Server with professional ATC service. I’ve always loved being on a Staff team and TSATC is no different. Everyone here is amazing and is the reason that TSATC is such an amazing place for me to be.

- @Jeodanie_Smith

Good Day to all ATC and Pilots! I’m happy to serve as your Scheduling Assistant for the TSATC team. My home airports are JFK & LGA. I’m dedicated to help changing the stigma associated with the training server. Please feel free to message me anytime as I have an open door type policy. See you in the skies, and as always, have a SAFE flight and happy landings!

We hope to see you controlling at TSATC in the near future!


Wow, great thread. Best of luck!!


Thanks so much! We have been through a lot.


The thread is beautiful! Happy to see you guys thriving!


It’s great to see a group of you in our community, being so committed to bring ATC structure on Training Server.
TS doesn’t get all that much positive attention, and it’s been hard enough for this team to get ATCs to open the suggested airports, but you keep going.

Well done on your internal re-organisation; respect!
Keep up the great work! It doesn’t go unnoticed.


After all the things that has happened (internal), still find it impressive that you guys are still ‘alive’. I wish you good luck, and hope you guys can guide prospective controllers (TS- and IF-controllers!):-)! Will visite some airports during your schedule!


Thanks for your kind words everyone!

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Good luck TSATC! I hope all the best goes for you in the future! Unfortunate what happened to Connor though


Great thread TSATC! Best of luck!


Good luck! You guys probably already know this, but going to some busy airport Take KLAX for example is just an absolute waste of time because of the amount of trolls taking place, so not going there would be my way to go to maintain realism and not lose my mind. However just my opinion as I know I am not the person to hold the LARGEST amount to patience on the planet, nowhere even close, lol.

Anyway, good luck, hope this goes really well!


Good luck!



TSATC is now offering high quality controlling at events on Training Server! If you’d like quality ATC at your event, please get in touch with either myself or @Sashaz55 and we will put your event down. We will only be choosing 1 event per month.


Thanks to all. I’m very excited to work with the TSATC team to make the training server a great experience for all to enjoy.


awesome thread! glad to be a part of this amazing team!


Hey everyone, I have some very sad news for you today, our current CEO @Kacey has stepped down from his position as the CEO of TSATC, this is a very sad day for everyone but he doesn’t have time for controlling and running TSATC. I know TSATC has gone through 3 CEOs now but we need a new one. I have been at TSATC from the start and was originally the first controller, then a recruiter then the chief recruiter and finally my former position the COO, I will he taking over so expect some major thread and controlling changes, give us some time and we will be back, applications have been halted but anyone in the process will keep going, thanks for understanding!

  • Sashaz55 New CEO of TSATC

I think you are the fittest one for that position in TSATC, sad what has happened in the past. But the past is the past! Seriously :-P… Without @Sashaz55 I don’t see TSATC… Same goes for @Jeodanie_Smith ^^!


I applied and am ready to throw myself into any position.

Please read above ^

Yes I did read above, applied over a week ago.
But nothing.

I do not see you on the application form. Did you click the apply button?