Training Server and Expert Server active pilots/flights do not match

I just checked the app and I noticed the Expert Server is a mere 1% higher than the Training Server.
Training: 29%
Expert: 30%
So I went through them both and the Training Server looked much more crowded than the Expert. So, I went more into detail and added all the available flights in each from their lists and I again got the same result, which is in sharp contrast to the Server Load the app shows!

Training Server: 14+22+18+12+22+7+4x5+3x4+8x3+19x2+(80~90)x1=269
Expert Server: 15+15+9+6+4+4x3+10x2+48=129

See below:

I think there’s many variables that can sway the results. Many people leave the app (lose connection) to the servers or quit and start somewhere else and so on.

The training server has a higher capacity than the expert server, since more people use it. The percentage shown is simply a percentage of the total capacity.

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I believe that works the same for both, so it wont come into play and I checked a few times and I saw the same. it might help if the opposite is found though, which I haven’t encountered since I got into this.

Problem is you don’t have the baseline number for how the percentage is calculated by Infinite Flight.

Oh, wow! That, I didn’t know. Can you tell how much is the capacity for each server? Because me and I guess some others look at this percentage and based on that choose which server to fly in. And, it has also changed drastically since the recent DC10/MD11 update. Before that, the Expert was almost always lower in percentage than Training, which was also very obvious after you logged in there.

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Expert and Casual servers can handle 500 each at max load. Training server can handle 1400 at full load. The Pre-Global casual server sure is a lonely place. Only one person online.

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I believe these numbers may fluctuate at times.

Thanks for the photo, very informative. First time I saw that.

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