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If I’m flying in the training server do I turn my aircraft lights on/off according to the actual time or if I changed to the time to daytime lets say do I then do it according to daytime?

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You don’t have to - it’s not an enforced rule, but if you care about realism, then yes.

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Aircraft lights don’t depend on the time. Here’s a simple explenation:

NAV lights (correct me if wrong) -> use when you got active systems online(in big airliners it’a almost always on)

Beacon lights -> use when the aircraft is moving and/or engines are running

Strobe lights -> turn on when you enter a runway and in flight. Stays on till you land and exit the runway. Also used when crossing a runway!

Landing lights -> used when you enter a runway. Same as strobe lights, but these can go off when above 10000ft.


Thank you!

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Just to add to what Oliver said, most of the time the beacon is on before pushback/engube start


Switched on when receiving the start-up clearance IRL as far as I am aware, correct :)


Strobes are also used as beacons on smaller aircraft such as the TBM that don’t have a beacon.

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Beacons are always turned on before engine start to let ground crew know to move I believe

Thats correct and since we don’t have a individual taxi and Landing light option I turn Landing Lights on for taxi when its dark,sunset,Sunrise,or low visibility,and turn it off in the day time for taxi.

True except when crossing a runway. In real life, pilots get angry at other pilots who turn their landing on lights when crossing the runway. This is because the landing lights are incredibly bright and can easily blind other pilots.


So the lights on an aircraft get turned on in this order, pls correct me if im wrong

  1. Nav lights - these are switched on when electrical power is running to the aircraft (in this case master battery and APU)

  2. Anti-Collision Beacon - this gets turned on when you start the engines until you turn off your engines at your destination.

  3. Strobe lights - these get switched on from entering the active runway until your past the hold short line at your destination

  4. Landing lights - these get switched on when your cleared for takeoff by ATC and you enter the active runway in use and you keep them on until at or above 10,000ft AAL and when you descend to 10,000ft AAL at your destination when you are below this level switch them on again until you reach your destination

Hope this helps

Declan B

Some airlines don’t turn landing lights on on approach until they are clear to land as a memory piece. So it can be used as “have I been clear to land? Well, my landing lights are on so yes”. Just another varied use of them . What others have said is correct.

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Yes, exactly as was explained before 🙃

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Ahh 😂 sorry about that

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