Training Server 2

Does it appear when Training Server 1 is nearly full?

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There is a lot of people currently on the Training server flying in the same area.
For this reason another server was added to relieve the other server and avoid lag ;)


Wouldn’t adding another server cause the servers to be deserted?

Worst case scenario the Training server 2 stays empty.
But if people start to have too much lag in Southern California in Training Server 1, they can always switch to Training Server 2 and stay in the same region.


Ah ok. Good idea

Wise move there.


I have never seen this hmm…

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There was 160 people on training 1 in SoCal so I’m surprised they made another one lol

Everyone in this server should fly somewhere different for a change.

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I think it’s only until the flights go back down


Yea, everytime I go on playground SoCal is always full of planes, while other regions have only 1 or 2 people. That’s why I like advanced, everyday is a different region. Sometimes I don’t even know why I go on Playground, everyone just goes crazy when tower goes offline.

It’s probably until global flight. Because after that everyone is going to spread out.

Its slowing dying down. Wait until I get up in 10 hours it will be back to normal

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