Training Server 2-Let's set Chicago as it's main region

I think all of us are tierd of flying in the rusty old SoCal. Most of us have flew there so much that they have memorized the runways. Let’s make Chicago to be server 2’s SoCal

Why are you posting this?

Do you think they would listen? Many attempts have made to change the region of PG, all in vain


We all fly on TS1 but I’m talking about the brand new TS2 (TS=Training Server)

No one cares except a few

Baby steps man baby steps.
How do you think SoCal became so famous

Because of an FNF which took place 1.5 years ago. During Christmas of 2014, a cargo FNF.

Wish you all luck!

Also remember that TS2 will likely be gone in the next week or so.

Good point and why would they remove that