Training Server 1 Stupidness

Honestly I dont know what happend to IF but I bought this game about 3 weeks ago I am a Grade 2 Pilot I am always playing on TS1. I just cannot take it anymore what is happening the amounts of stupid pilots and pilots which are there just to mess around has increased since I was playing I had a awesome experience now its getting worse eg. People taxiing on grass, taking off the wrong runways, taking off without clearance not listening to ATC, Taking off while on final and loads of other things! Pilots which are Grade 1 and have 600 violations and 100 hours of playtime are ruining the experience for pilots which are here to practice and move over to Expert Server but how I am suppose to fly on TS1 if its just filled up with bunch of idiots. We are also loosing ATC Controllers!! They are just leaving they cannot put it up with after sometime just like me as a Pilot. I know there was loads of topics about this recently but I am just confirming it. Its getting out of Hand!!! Please do something about this its really starting to get annoying!

I am only writing this to announce whats happening, I am not naming anynames of people.


Fully heard and understood, unfortunately there isn’t any real penalty that can be given out to pilots on TS1 & 2. The best advice is just to do the best you can quickly to get to the expert server. I would stay away from the popular areas like SoCal, for instance. Trolls and nimrods don’t have any fun tormenting themselves, they go where everyone else is. Spend time using Unicom on an unpopulated region. When you do get to expert you will be expected to know how to use Unicom effectively and correctly. That should give you the break that it sounds like you need from the trolls. If you ever want you can PM me and we can set up a time and I’ll control for you on TS2. Clear skies and tail winds my friend, the stupidity won’t last forever.

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Basically, just stay out of SoCal. Theres mostly a second region filled with 10-25 people who take it more serious.


Thanks for Advice I just switched to the London Region from Southern California its better here.