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I am actually a beginner student pilot. Is there a possible development of training as a pilot on Infinite Flight? It would be great to start from beginning to advance of flight training according to the FAA rules. Thank you!

Well, Infinite Flight is a great place to learn about aviation, but not everything is available. You can go #tutorials and learn from there before moving onto IRL. Also, you can fly in a challening weather or practice approach that may be in your training.


No, the only form of progression in Infinite Flight is the advancement from Grade 1 to Grade 5. You can follow your own path according to the FAA rules, however they are not implemented into IF, so it isn’t a requirement, it is only optional. You can start with smaller General Aviation aircraft, such as the Cessna 172, and progress yourself to the A380 or fighter jets via flying hours, landings, and total experience with your current aircraft.

Grades doesn’t assures your experience,hence,not a part of progression.

Max speed 250IAS below FL 100
35knots GS,max taxi speed
Etc… are part of FAA rules which needs to he followed or else you gonna get violations.

Welcome @DivGopal, has basics tutorial. Head up to #tutorials for many more knowledge. Expert server,is a place where you should fly with discipline following standard procedure and following ATC Instructions is priority. If you’ll ignore ATC Instructions on expert server, you’ll be reported,which will dismiss you from the server for a week. Try flying into less traffic airports,and go up slowly. You’ll be good to go.

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Remember: on real life what you can’t read on your gauges will most likely be the reason you have to land. And I finished ground school. And working on Aviation maintenance technology as I find a way to get flight hours.

Thank you for the responses. The YouTube channel really helped.

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