Training Guidelines | Reminders

With the advent of training server-based groups making a comeback in the last few days, I’d like to take the time to post a few reminders for those of you who may be interested. Most points have been lost in the clutter of a few threads, so here are the main ones for everyone to keep in mind.

  1. For fellow IFATC team members, people are not to be trained under any circumstances. Only trainers are approved to do so in order to prevent misinformation from being generated amongst those who may move on to IFATC afterwards.

    • No, you may not serve as consultants or use those groups as a loophole to “give advice” to potential newcomers. We’ve had this happen in the past and the results were less than forthcoming.
  2. Individuals who are currently participating in the IFATC recruiting process are not to be involved with any training group. As a member, you will possess the ability to ghost and thus the traditional procedures involved with gaining such an ability are not part of the Training Server’s intentions.

    • By “training group,” I refer to those who make controlling on the Training Server a prime directive and/or the primary focus for individual members. Education-based groups and other offshoots such as ATCEG are fine and are of a different variety.

A project that has been some time in the making will be coming shortly in order to address those questions and more when it comes to the training process on both that respective server and Expert. Stay tuned for further updates to come.

And, as always, stay safe and have fun (not necessarily in that order).


P.S- There has been some discussion on this, but it is highly recommended to go through the IFVARB if operating as a VO in order to help avoid the aforementioned problems.


Hi, how do I message you the requirements for being ATC on expert server?

DMed you. Check the recruiting post.

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