Training Flight (story)

Hello guys, it’s Easy Av and today I will be doing a test flight on a pre-owned Challenger 350. So come with me on this short adventure from Killeen’s half-abandoned airport to the popping capital of Texas: Austin. Let’s goo!
Here we are at Killeen’s Larkin Military Stands with this brand new Challenger 350 that is like a few months old.

Here we are in this new cockpit. It looks clean and fresh with no boogers and gum anywhere! Here is the plan: we are going to start up this aircraft with runway 15 at GRK being our takeoff landing also with runway 18L being our landing runway.

With a few demonstrations and courage, I was able to get this bad boy started up and pushed back. We are ready for our taxi to runway 15!

We are finally ready for takeoff, I set the throttle to 80% N1 and we whoosh off that runway. Bye Bye, Killeen!

We cruised at 20,000ft for a nick of time and was already descending to our destination.

Look, we are already starting our approach into Austin. Let’s see how good my skill is!

Looks like my skills are elite! We have touched down without any problems or concerns. Hello Austin!

Today was a good day, we did a good flight and we was even caught landing by @AUS_PlaneSpotting! (A Fake Person)

We did good today. My instructor is thinking about getting me a Commercial Pilot License and it is good, just GOOD! Thanks again Aviators and I will see you again next time. Fly High, Aviators!


Good photos and nice story!

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One of My fav song is “From Austin”


Nice to hear that!