Training day for IFATC's trainees officers

Today was a big training day for IFATC trainees officers…

A training event was taking place on our IFATC server.

42 planes were involved. Thank you all pilots who came. You help and feedbacks are much appreciated. Nothing possible without you.

8 Airports approaches and 4 centers were opened. Thank you @black @AviationFlyer @Quincey @Mathurin_Garcier @justifyletters @Teized @FlightGT @anant for making this possible!

Trainers: Kudo’s for you hard work and dedication. Thanks for your patience and presence! Special thanks to. @TaipeiGuru and @Ramzi_Khairan

sorry fort he double ping…changed category for t his message


Something very interesting is happening in this video…

Honestly pretty surprised nobody spotted it 🤔🫣🤫

Sharp eyes only!


Tyler do be looking a little sus 😏🤨😉

A little??!! 😂😂

I say we just keep this to ourselves. We can start an investigation 👀

I was literally just scrubbing through the video and was like…. Hmmm that doesn’t look right 😂

hehehe… 👀👀👀👀👀

Hahaha…I was not sure I was seeing well during the session 😂😂

Coming to you in IF 22.7… we are now introducing time travel

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Brand new just for you! 😂

Is that a leak of the thing they were talking about…

For long hauls 👀

That would drive me crazy on a radar session 😂

I put reminders for him and I mean…he was miles ahead from where I was expecting him 😂
It is pretty obvious on the time-lapse now 🤯

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Just wait until he casually comes along to close and un list this 😂. 50 seconds later in my PM inbox… “your account has been terminated for sharing unrevealed features”


Aye Aye…hope not!!


only 54 views…we didn’t shared nothing boss!! 😬🥺

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Is this the Kinda of. “You saw it here first” thing??

Could be 🤷

Great work to all the controllers!


Ouffff… no close and unlist?

God my heart stopped for a second when I saw you typing 😂

Thank YOU staff for organizing this!!

Hahah, same here 😂.

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Now let’s hope he sees the post and decide to tell us more!