Training Callsign

Training Callsign Feature Request

Wouldn’t it be nice if Infinite Flight has a training callsign for people who are new to the game or who are experienced but want to train on a different aircraft?

I feel like this should be implemented in Infinite Flight just like the test flight callsign?

Do you agree? Let me know in the reply section down below.

Safe Flying! :)

So would this be optional or mandatory? Just wondering

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It is optional, we won’t force anybody to use the training callsign anytime when they’re training, we will recommend them to use the callsign though. :)

Alright, I see how this could be useful in IF

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i would use this out of boredom tbh


Lol me too probably…


I’m sorry but I don’t really understand this request… We have Test Flight (as the example in game above).

You’re asking to have ‘Training’ as a callsign option? We already have 2 servers, one with Training in it’s make for this option in multiplayer. Real world training just uses the registration of the aircraft, or specific company callsign + flight number for a flight.

For example, in the real world when flying, my callsign is “Golf Bravo Sierra Tango Papa” or “Golf Echo Yankee Papa Whiskey”

Interesting request, I like it

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Isn’t this what training server is for?

You could just type “TRAINING” in

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But people in training server don’t really train, Ive seen a lot of people in training server that have access to expert server but they just do regular non-training flights because they have more ATC in training server.

People already know what to expect from training server people.

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But it would be better for a callsign for it, for example if 2 aircraft use the callsign TRAINING it will be confusing for the controller to specify which is which, if we have a non GA callsign for training they can use a flight number which will not confuse the air traffic controllers.

Good point.

IFATC training is usually done at an airport far from airports like KLAX. So it is not necessary. They will also see all the IFATC controller, so there isn’t much of a point.

For realistic use, we have the Cessna 172 with ‘CAP’ and ‘Embry Riddle’ as two large flight school that use this in their callsign.

What if they’re not using GA aircraft?

Depends what you’d class GA as, again being the aircraft registration or the Airline’s callsign of use including training.

“London Heathrow Tower, Tango Romeo Alpha India November India November Golf, ready for departure at runway 2 7 left, departing straight out.”
Yeah, not great.
But, I agree with @Ecoops123. It is more realistic to use the reg, or company callsign. Even “test flight” isn’t realistic.

November Golf is great. The winds the awesome temp.

But I see where you are coming from