Training base for pilots and atc

when I learned to simulate in another simulator for PC, we had training bases in some aerodromes. I didn’t find any similar topic. for me and it may be for some it would be interesting to have some bases and training schedules, because I followed all the instructions of the atcs and was reported. I know that each ATC can interpret something that the pilot is doing as requested. always flight based on Real.


We do have ‘training bases’ here in Infinite Flight although we call them a bit differently. Before anyone becomes an IFATC (a controller who can control on the Expert Server), they go through multiple training sessions to make sure they are a capable controller to control on the Expert Server. There are multiple airports which are utilised during training and differ between Tower & Ground training and a Radar (Approach and Departure) training. These airports differ from Trainer to Trainer to ensure that controllers are familiar with multiple airfields. One example of a ‘training base’ is EDDF for Tower & Ground training. You can find more information on ATC Training on this thread: ATC Training.

You also mentioned that you were reported ‘for following ATC instructions’. If you wish to discuss your ghost with the controller who ghosted you, please head over to the logbook (located on the main screen), select “Live Flights” and click on the one which under the “Comments” has “1 Report” written on it. You will be able to see which controller ghosted you. If you drop their name down here as a reply we will be able to guide you to the person you need. Please also familiarise yourself with this thread about contesting/inquiring about a report: Inquiring about Ghosting/Reports.

at the time my internet had gone down. I didn’t think the report was fair.

If you were reported and you you would like to know why, please send a PM to @reports