Training ATF 1 & AFT 2 (GAF)

Hi all.

I’d like to share with y’all some pics which have been taken during my training session to get me as a F/A-18E Super Hornet pilot, some maneuvers like echelon and patterns work to get familiarised with the aircraft were the kind of stuff we did in the AFT 1 & AFT 2 sessions.

  1. Right echelon maneuver. @Captain_Willery @LASHER

  2. Another view of (1)

  3. Flying with the wingmate and trainer @Captain_Willery

  4. Another view (3)

  5. Parked on ground

Feel free to join to this beautiful family called “GAF”.
By: Maverick


Looking good, GAF doing it up. 🫡

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