Training ATC

What can you do if someone doesnt contact ATC and barely missed another aircraft?

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Lift them up in prayer.


I feel bad for passengers on the a380


Unfortunately, it’s TS and there’s not much we can do. Sorry! It’s disappointing when people don’t listen to ATC on TS, but sadly it’s a part of life.


If the other aircraft is you, then nest way is to keep professional and sat out of their way (3nm, 1000ft). If it’s two orders then frankly you can watch them suffer, as you can’t do anything.

If it’s on Expert and both are away from their device, then there’s nothing to be done. Even if Center is active. Training Server is just pilots do what they want sadly.

Look at that plane like how your profile picture looks at us

So I want be IFATC, how does a tracking thread work?

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Take pictures so we can all laugh at it C:

Just some people can just be dumb some times but if they have a IFC name I would dm them

there name was just a normal first name

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You can have a look here to make a tracking thread:

And have a look here to learn about IFATC:

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