Training ATC

Hi, can you report people on training sever because I had who wasn’t following my instructions.

No you can’t sorry, it’s training server :/

No, reporting is only on expert, Andy you need to be IFATC to report people there as ATC 😀
And it is only IFATC supervisors and mod that can report while flying.

Ok, thanks

Adding on from what was said above, it is named training server for that reason… training. People use this server to learn about aviation and flying in general, including but not limited to communicating with ATC whilst flying.

This person may of been new to aviation and/or flying and communicating with ATC and therefore was using this server to learn and practice.


RIP. I feel the same way. I also hate when people fly A380’s from LAX-SFO/SFO to LAX, or land rwys 25R, 24L, or land on the wrong side, and when they spawn in the wrong terminal.

It’s simple:

Terminal 1: Southwest
Terminal 2: Delta, Aer Lingus, Aeromexico, Virgin Atlantic, and West Jet
Terminal 3: Copa, Delta
TBIT: Any Intl airline that I didn’t put in the other terminals.
Terminal 4: American Airlines
Terminal 5: Some American Airlines too, Allegiant, Frontier, Spirit, Hawaiian, Sun Country, and jetBlue
Terminal 6: Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Boutique Air, Mokulele Airlines, and Viva Aerobus
Terminal 7: United
Terminal 8: United Express
Then the thingy to the right of LAX: American Eagle

I suspect a lot of people on the ts don’t have any time for any of that :)

Idk how to even find what airlines use what terminals, and Idk were the terminals are when going into my airport

lol. I spent so long writing it

What’s your home town airport?

Vancouver (CYVR)

We should not get off topic

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Oh. Well, that’s gonna be a little bit harder. Just search up the flight u wanna be on

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