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I get it, training is where you’re supposed to practice working with ATC and everything. Myself, im trying to practice for IFATC I’m busy environments, I think we all know how LAX is on training. But what will it take to make it where ATC can have SOME enforcement? Having that one kid who refuses to go 25L because he wants to land in front of everybody ruins everything. Truly annoying that I can’t do anything about it.

Then you have the people who spam the ATC with things that aren’t correct, etc. and I can’t mute them, I’m forced to listen to their messages.

I just wish there was a way that we could silence them, or “ghost” them from the server at that time, until they restart with new flight. Sadly, I know this could be abused by controllers, but do we know of ANYTHING that could be done?? I can’t be the only one annoyed to hell about this kinda stuff, it’s impossible for me to practice well.

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Some good advice for you is to begin an ATC tracking thread where you can announce when you are opening so experienced pilots that hopefully follow the rules will come by and fly some patterns to you and provide you some feedback.

You can have a look at my old tracking thread linked below for an example.

Something like this, should do you wonders!

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Getting practice in busy environments is helpful, but on TS it can also reinforce bad habits on the part of the controller. I had to break a few when I joined IFATC.

What I found helpful is control when busy to get practice at handing more things at once and hopefully have some fun (even in the midst of challenging pilots).

Then use your tracking thread (assuming you have one) and open at less busy airports and get feedback from pilots on the finer details of controlling. If I had to choose one I say focus on quality and your tracking thread vs. volume at LAX / EGLL / etc.

You will have time once you join IFATC to grow your skills with volume. Also the practical test for IFATC focuses on skills more than tons of traffic. The test is hectic and busy but you aren’t tested at LAX volumes.



You landed at LTFM a bit ago while I was controlling there @ktaviation :)

Apply the following tools frequently and in random order 🎤🔨💣🧨📣🍭


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