Training ATC error

Hey IFC,
I recently was on the top training server talking to ATC and they made me face a problem. They directed me to the closest runway which was in red. Mowbray in this situation shouldn’t I go to the correct runway or should I have followed they’re instructions even though they clearly haven’t read ATC tutorials.
As you can see in the photos they told me to taxi to runway 1L which was red at the time but at the start it says follow ATC instructions. What should I do here?

Red runways don’t equal closed runways. As long as the ATC is directing you in the flow of traffic, follow their instructions.


1L is one of the standard departure runways. That’s it’s only use.


So as people have said here, red runways may be used if necessary. As in the IFATC manual, they are a suggestion. But the Training Server isn’t the place to go if you want a professional experience. That’s what the Expert Server is for. Anyone can be a controller on the training server, so there is no quality assurance. In this situation, follow instructions, but if a controller on the Training Server makes what is obviously a mistake, you can disregard their instructions. But always follow the instructions unless it is absolutely necessary not to.


You want they direct you to 19 instead? So you can takeoff in your super into a mountain?


Because realism.

Since when is a Boeing 747-400 a super? Plus it has higher pitch capabilities than the height of the mountain.

Thank you to everyone who responded, I have to answer and knowledge I wanted. Thanks again!

You’re taking way too seriously the fleeting, facetious part, and ignoring the point.

Heavy. Whatever. Doesn’t change the central point.