Training Application Suspension (Lifted)

EDIT: training suspension lifted. Resubmit apps once able.


Good to know…

Wait…what? - Eh…I guess I’ll just roll with it as well 😂🤣😂🤣

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Does this apply to all recruiting process or only practical testing?

Suddenly now I want a blonde brownie (isn’t that considered a blondie?)

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Yes although you probably will need to receive training before your practical so I suggest you just wait.

You do not but you should and probably will need to.


Thanks for that, changed it.


Training applications will remain suspended for the time being. Unfortunately, we have way too many people requesting our services and too few pilots to accommodate the backlog. Some internal policies are being looked at to boost turnout, but it’s going to have to be this way for the foreseeable future. We apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this turn of events.

Trainers will only pick up applications according to immediate needs and at my direction. (IFATC radar trainees first, etc).


Will there be any Training Pilot openings anytime soon? I know a few people who want to join.

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The February recruitment form should open up sometime in the next two weeks. Keep an eye on this category.


So the expert ATC testing and recruitment process is closed till when?


Not necessarily closed, they just aren’t accepting new applications, training sessions are still going on. Recruitment is still going well, in fact, they just added a new recruiter today!


Wait so I am not at all in the recruitment process so can I start from scratch with the process? I am at Grade 3 almost (I am waiting for some features before I renew my sub

  • Expert ATC recruitment proceeds to open
  • clouds (I’ll renew of it takes to much time)
  • 3D buildings/other features (doesn’t play into effect cause these take time
  • Taxi Light / realistic weather

It’s currently open.

What Josh mentioned above is regarding the training process, available to those who have attempted a theory or are striving towards radar certification. You are still free to apply for IFATC at any time.

Of course, it depends on your personal preferences and whether you choose to renew your sub or not. Just wanted to let you know that the recruitment process is up and running as usual. :)


Training suspension has been lifted. Please resubmit your apps once able.


Bout to get snowed with apps!


🎵 Oh what fun, it is to type… 🎵

I wish all the controllers the best!


Hi! I think I messaged you earlier about ATC recruiting but Im not sure if I posted to the right place, is this where I should contact you about that?

I have no record of you in my DMs. Go ahead and send me a message after you’ve reviewed the following thread. :)

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