Training and/or Etiquette

I’m slightly confused about the training.

Is training available for beginners (subject to being TL1 (yes) and passing the written test with 65% (not yet) ) or is it for those who already experienced on the Training Server (I think it talks about 500 ATC Operations ?) who want to become “full” IFATC and have access to the Expert Server ?

It says you have to be in the “recruiting process” Infinite Flight ATC and passing the written exam will schedule a practical exam and I’m nowhere near that yet.

If the latter, is there any etiquette on starting ATC. I’ve had a brief look at the interface at an empty airport, but I’m a little wary of just taking over on the basis of reading the manuals, watching videos, livestreams and just observing on the Training Server (as I’m Grade 2 pilot) etc. I don’t mind making mistakes - pretty unavoidable I would think - but I don’t want to spoil the experience for other pilots or controllers. Is the best thing just to jump in somewhere fairly quiet with one or at most two runways ?

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Yes you need 500 ATC operations so you need to have some experience.

Can someone clarify what exactly qualifies as an “operation” because I have no clue 🤣

Operations are added when an aircraft is given Takeoff and Landing clearance, or clearance with an approach on radar. At least thats hiw it was 2y ago when I was part of the IFATC team

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Official IFATC Training is meant for candidates who intend to join the team, becoming Expert Server controllers. In order to start training, you must be in the recruitment process to join IFATC, which have requirements such as being TL1, having more than 500 ATC operations among others.

You can check further information about training here:


In order to receive training, you must be in the recruiting process for IFATC. This can be done by following the instructions on the post you linked. Before you can start the process, though, you must meet the listed requirements.

After you have applied, you must then attempt a written test. If you pass the written test with an 80% or above you qualify for IFATC training and will work with a trainer to develop your skills.

Before you become IFATC, you will have to be fully familiar with the interface and all the required commands and instructions. A lot of this learning will happen when you have obtained your 500 operations (these are given through controlling on the training server). You will then gain even more skills when working with a trainer. Before you can control on the expert server, though, you will be given a practical controlling test by your IFATC Recruiter.

If you’d like to gain experience and operations before applying for IFATC, I suggest making an ATC tracking thread. You can learn all about these threads at this link:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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@paulscottrobson I would say your best bet is either start the IFATC process and request it, or create an ATC tracking thread in the ATC Category, and announce your controlling, and many pilots/IFATC will come and give feedback

Thank you all for those extensive answers, it is much clearer now :)

Made Grade 3 today, so 500 operations to go :)

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Congrats!! Looking forward to see you on the team soon!

If I’m doing just GND how can I contact TWR to know which runways he/she is using ? On IFATC you have Slack I understand?

I think you can check the ATIS/D-ATIS

Usually one controller open both tower and ground (plus ATIS) at the same time.

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