Trails on LiveFlight

I and many others use LiveFlight and having a cool departure or arrival is always satisfying, especially if you have to do some complex pattern work

I mean the colour on these is just beautiful, so I wanted to share these cool departure and arrivals. Would absolutly love to see some interesting stuff on LiveFlight from you guys


Live Flight not available on APPStore why?

LiveFlight has been removed from the App Store. The web version is still available though.

If you want to see your flight path with more clarity I’d use InfiniteInfo. The refresh rate is higher at low altitudes/speeds so it looks more realistic and natural and not just like a connect-the-dots.


Here are some of my notable ones:

Over the summer, was gonna land at jfk but there was bad weather and I had to hold, finally got in at some point though.

Recreational exploration flight I did to the far north out of New York, with a stop out of RME in upstate.


Look at this, i was doing realistic go-arounds at Saint Petersburg, FL

Love the trails!


here’s a pic of some really random patterns i flew in over turkey haha