Trailer BTS

I now saw the new trailer as some of u all would of seen, can someone tell me how the trailer is made? Like the BTS of it

An accurate representation of Jason searching for the best soundtrack for the trailers

In all seriousness, I would imagine a storyboard is made of what should be included in the video and then the certain scenes are filmed. Infinite Flight have certain features they would like to show for example, live cockpit, ATC, 15m/px scenery, ect. All of these features are then shown in the trailers accordingly. Jason would be the best person to give an answer to this question, since he does an amazing job with them!


Simple answer, they probably get some great shots of the flight sim to show off the great new features in the update (easy to do, it’s all great this new update)

Then they probably use a film application which I’m unsure of, and make a moving film with photos and videos. Then they add captions to each film/photo!

Get a great music tune to add to the moving film and there you go you have brilliant infinite flight trailer!

Hope this helped a little,

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This basically cleared it up thank you :))))


Everyone should go watch it: