Traffic work help (atc)

Hi, I’m thinking about applying for IFATC but my traffic pattern atc skills are really bad, is anyone willing to help me train for it?

Hello! Great to see in your way to join IFATC.

You can create an ATC tracking thread with the template shown in the linked topic

People will come to your airport and they can give you feedback for what to improve.

Additionally you can have a qualified trainer form IFATC that will help you and give feedback.


no need to worry. Just practice more on it and you can be very easy to handle them :)

thank you, will do the atc tracking but i still dont meet the reqs for IFATC training

I made an ATC tracking thread if you wanna come see it its in the atc category

feel free to tag me, i’ll help you if i’m available

i made an atc tracking thread come check it out 1MASYBTGS's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KFAT [PASSED WRITTEN AND PRACTICAL] - #5 by 1MASYBTGS

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Welcome to the Infinire Flight Community. You will have to apply in order to become IFATC as the others have shown you above. Secondly, if you need more practice or help on your pattern work operations, see this flight training video from the Infinite Flight YouTube which will give you the proper procedures for pattern work. Pattern Work Tutorial - YouTube Once you’ve watched that, it’s important to keep practicing until you have mastered it or at least have gotten the hand of it.

Hey! Feel free to tag me in your Tracking Thread when you open, I’d love to come and help out!

Same for me please! :)

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im opening th thread rn

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Feel Free to tag me when your open :)

Feel free to tag me when you make your tracking thread, I would love to come and help out!!!

Please also feel free to tag me when your open. I’d love to come by and help.

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